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Discussion in 'Pork' started by sandiegosmoker, Jun 26, 2011.

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    1. old smoker 2.Fathersday gift new Medina River 3. 8 pound pork butt after 6 hours  4. all done 5. bone pulls right out 6. ready 7. rubbed and ready i knowits out of order.  anyway pork came out great family loved it. i learned a few things about my smoker. the temp gadge at the top of my smoker was reading 225 but actual temp grill level was  205 so this was a 16 and a half hour smoke. so from now on i will keep the smoker at 250 on the top temp gadge. any comments on the offset smoker or tips any of you have please jump in and let me know.  
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    When the bone pulls out like that, you just know it's gonna be good!
  3. am i right on the temp situation on my offset. the top of the smoker says 225 but temp at the grill level is 200 to 205 should i be keeping that gadge at the top of my smoker at 250 to 275 ??? anybody with some offset smoker tips would be helpful.
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    I run two temp probes at meat level to be sure my setup is giving me even heat distribution from side to side.  Heat distribution from side to side can change as your chamber temp goes higher or lower as well.  On my unit the lid temp is about 60 degrees off so I only use that as a quick check.  Also, try the search tool for offset smoker modifications which might be very helpful.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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      Merv's got this  [​IMG]
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    Nice fathers day present!
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    Nice! [​IMG]
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    Great Looking PP...
  9. thanks venture for the direction to the modifications for the offset smoker. does anybody have any sugestions on where to get  good temp gadges to ad to the front door grill level of my new smoker.
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    Looking great [​IMG]

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