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  1. To all you metal fabricators....what size expanded metal would you get to make smoker shelves to cook butts or briskets on.....looking at 24" x 24"..thinking about bending front and back down for middle support......I see .035 and then I see #16 or 9.....I know this is thickness...but what would use for cooking grates......THANKS GUYS or GALS.....

  2. greg b

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    3/4 #9 should work perfect for you. will be sturdy and less prone to heat distortion.
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  3. frosty

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    Checked my grates, they are about a 9 gauge.
  4. Greg B and Frosty......

    Thank You....this is what I love about this site.....Friends to Be, helping Friends to Be.[​IMG]

  5. dan - firecraft

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    My smoker came with 24x24 inch grates. 3/4 #9
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         Wish I lived around Atlanta, I would be picking up a couple sheets. ANY ONE ELSE need some cook grate steel?

  7. davidski

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    just to clarify, you cant just throw a piece of 3/4 9# on the smoker, you still need to weld a frame right?
  8. hank2000

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    Yes you do
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