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  1. Ryan from Pittsburgh here.  After debating for 3 summers on whether or not to get a smoker, I went ahead and purchased a Brinkman Smoke N' Grill over Memorial Day weekend.  I went with the Brinkman because I wanted something small to get my feet wet.  We have a summer place about 2 hours north and I wanted something portable so that I could smoke during those camp weekends.

    Broke it on Saturday by curing it.  Got a pretty good feel for the temp, how long charcoal will burn, etc.  Smoked chicken thighs and a pork roast on Sunday.  Chicken turned out great.  In fact, my 6-year-old asked when I was going to smoke chicken again.  Pork did ok.  Needed  about another hour.  Instead of pulling it, I sliced it thin.  Still went over well with the family.

    Next up - RIBS!  Wish me luck.  Its going to be a delicious summer.
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    Hi Ryan! [​IMG]  to SMF!!! Sounds like you are off to a great start! I bet you're going to wish you didn't debate about it so long, but hey you got it now and you're going to get the smoking bug now!  I don't know if you have a good thermometer yet but that is very important and could have helped you with that pork roast, we try to cook by temperature not time. There are a lot of great people here more than willing to offer advice and help you along your journey so take advantage of it!

    Would you please do us a favor and update your profile to include your location, it really helps people to offer advice if they know where you are, Thanks!
  3. Used a thermometer for the pork.  Was cooking well but then the family returned from their outing and started poking around at the food.  After the third "I wanna see", I said it needs to stay closed or your gonna mess up the smoking. 

    I plan on doing another one in a week or so. 

    Thanks for the welcome!
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    We have a saying around here "if you're looking, you're not cooking"! Sounds like you already know that though, tell them they can see it when it hits their plate! 

    Keep up the good work and we love to see Q-view (pictures of your work) so we can drool over it. (Just one thing since you are a new member, all pictures have to be approved by a moderator until you have been posting for awhile, so if you do post a pic just be patient and we will get to it. We do this to keep the spammers out and so that no inappropriate content gets posted, we want to make sure this stays a family friendly forum).

    Thanks and Happy Smoking!
  5. Good morning Ryan and welcome to SMF! Sounds like you are well on your way to 

    making some good bbq. 

    Jeff has a Free 5 day Smoking Basics e-course you might be interested in. You can sign up here.
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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF - glad you joined in and finally got that smoker 
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