Egg Nogg brine

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  1. I recently smoked some turkey legs with an eggnog brine because apparently, no one drinks buttermilk in my town, so our local Safeway stopped carrying it! I used the Nogg with 1 cup salt, one cup brown sugar, 1 quart Nogg, 1/2 gallon water (filled my bag) for 24hrs. Smoked at 250 for about 1/12 hours (internal 165). Came out so juicy!

    I am not using spiked Nogg ;). I do however use Spiced Nogg.

    I am going to try a WHOLE turkey (20lbs) this time, and may need to use a half gallon Nogg and more water. Plan to smoke for 2-3 hours at 225 degrees and finish in Oven at 350.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Sounds interesting. Be sure and share a bunch of pictures!
  3. Do you think I would need more salt and sugar because it is a bigger bird or is that plenty to create the "brine effect"?
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    I have no ideas , however I will be watching...[​IMG]  , interesting.
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    Read this article on brine. It was very enlightening for me: The Food Lab: Truth about brining turkey.

    I love the idea of a nogg brine! Please take pictures of the whole process including the end result and sliced meat. Also please post a description of the texture and flavor of the meat in the end. 

    Good luck, bring the smoke!
  6. Turkey on at 7am. Put a butter mix under skin of Tony Chachere, garlic and nutmeg to complement the egg nog brine. I only used a cup of salt because the nogg was 3% salt as well.
  7. 2 1/2 hours of smoke on the 20 lbs bird. In oven now at 425 for half an hour to crisp up skin then dropping to 325 until 165 in breast.
  8. 3 hours in oven, no we rest 30 mins.
  9. Turkey came out amazing with lots of flavor and juicer goodness! I would not put over at 425 for half an hour next time as it burnt the skin a bit (most likely because of the butter underneath). Pulled at 165 and it climbed to 175 during the 30 minute rest period. This recipe is a jeweler!

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