Drum Sticks on MAK 2 Star General

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  1. I started out with patting drumsticks dry with paper towels, pulled back skin on all drums and rubbed them down with Emeril's chicken rub, put the skin back and rubbed them down again. I put the drums on a hanger rack sprayed with PAM olive oil for easy clean up. They went onto my MAK 2 star general at 375 degree using hazelnut pellets in the hopper and in the amaze n smoke tube (filled about 6 inches). Once the 2 largest drum sticks hit 165 internal temp (aprox 40 min) I layed them on foil to brush on sweet baby rays on all sides them hung them back up and let them go a bit longer (maybe 10 min) at 375 them dropped it down to 225 to keep them warm until ready to eat.
    The results were a very pronounced yet mild smokey flavor, perfect sticky bite through skin, and juice flavorful meat. I will be using these exact steps more often.
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  2. The photos posted out of sequence. (Fixed.)
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