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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by cooter, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. cooter

    cooter Newbie

    So, I am a long time lurker from TX I have built two pits so far. First was a 120 gallon trailer mounted offset. The second was dubbed the cockpit had an offset centered firebox on an 80 gallon compressor tank.

    I gave the cocpit to my father in law and now am am wanting to build another pit. I have decided on reverse flow. I have a propane tank that measures 18in by 38in. I want to use that for my smoke chamber and build a square firebox out of 1/4". I find that I am often smoking something and want to cook something on the pit at a different temperature than I am smoking. So I am thinking about building a reverse flow with two chambers (18#30"propane tanks) side by side connected to one firebox. To control tempature differences,I would put a dampe in-between firebox and smoke chambers. Attached is a picture of my idea as well as a picture of the "cockpit" what comments or concerns do you have about my design?

    The cockpit

    Tank on the left is what I want ato build the smoke chamber out of. I can another for the other chamber.

  2. ahumadora

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    I built this trailer last month, but used separate fireboxes. 

  3. Sweet!......
  4. cooter

    cooter Newbie

    Nice build! I could do separate fireboxes. I just want to try something new.
  5. jckdanls 07

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    I imagine it will take a pretty good size fire to heat both CC at the same time ... If worse comes to worse you could always put a divider in the FB to make dual FB (after the fact) ...
  6. cooter

    cooter Newbie

    That's a good I deal. I did not think about putting a. Divider to fix it if it does not work. Total volume would be around 60 gallons so I am thinking that with an insulated firebox it won't be too bad

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