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  1. To date I've always used Jeff's rub(excellent) now it's time to create my own recipe to go along with my personal sauce recipe. I've got the basics figuired out from what I've learned using Jeff's rub. My question is this..........What will the papricka really add or take away from it? I know what the garlic, onion, sugar, etc add but I really don't know much about papricka except that it seems like most rubs call for it. I use it mostly on ribs and butts.

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    Besides color, Paprika will also add/remove some heat depending on what type of Paprika you use.

    I have just now started playing with rubs and I find that I'll make a small batch and wet my finger and taste it. This gives me a good idea of whether or not I like the initial flavor, but smoking it will definitely change the flavor.
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    The paprika all depends on what kind you are using.
    I prefer Hungarian paprika, Spanish is great as well.
    The growing conditions and strains of pepper used decide the kind of paprika.
    Normal store bought paprika usually lacks in flavor but the Hung and Spanish ones can be sweet, hot, but are most always of better quality adding a better flavor.
    So, if making your own rub I would say you would be best trying out a good specialty paprika vs. a regular bottle, costs a bit more but well worth it.
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    What he said! [​IMG]
  5. Paprika is a mildly sweet pepper that can be anywhere from mild to hi-medium hot. Not as hot as cayenne, but adds some heat, flavor ( if fresh ) and color to your rub. I agree with Fire It Up about growing conditions and the strain of pepper used. Here's an idea to check your paprikas flavor, cook a burger or some other piece of meat using only paprika to season it and see what flavor it produces ( most spices have to be warm to " open " their true flavor ). Peace, Wanbli

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