Converted my old ECB to a rotisserie

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by figjam, May 1, 2011.

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    So, I got an 18.5" WSM in Jan because my ECB was getting a bit old and I wanted the upgrade.  But, the ECB was still pretty much functional.  So, what to do with it?

    Well, the one thing I saved off my old gas grill that no longer worked was the rotisserie setup.  So, my buddy had a little hand held grinding wheel that he hooked up to his compressor and he made 2 little notches about an 1" long and about a 1/2" wide on both sides of the ECB.  I then bent the metal inward, making a little notch.  I took the mounting brackets of the rotisserie and mounted them on the outside of the ECB.  The lid fits on their snugly and there is enough room to have a whole chicken be able to spin ... which is exactly what I did on Sat night.

    The cool thing is there is even enough room to keep the lower cooking grate in place to be able to cook something else if desired.  We did some baked potatoes with the chicken and it turned out great.

    I'll get some pics up later, but wanted to share this with everyone.

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