brisket gone wrong

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by skorepeo, Nov 22, 2015.

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    First time this ever happened. I had a 13 pound prime cut brisket. Injected for my first time never injected before. Normally my brisket takes about 15 to 20 hours. Since I injected it I figured it would take longer. I started the cook at 5:30 pm for a noon meal the next day. I setup the maverick to alarm for high grill temp of 240 and a low of 215 with a food temp alarm of 190. Well i didn't hear the slarm go off but woke up at 6: am and went to check and found the meat temp at 206 WTF. So I took it off and rested it for about 3 hours. Although the flavor was excellent the meat itself was tough. I don't understand why the meat cooked so fast. All I can think is that my grill computer temperature probe must be off and cooked hotter than it should have. But since I had the Maverick hooked up to it also and the temp on the Mavericks at 230 it seemed ok. Well I guess there's a first time for everything because I've never had a piece of meat ever come out tough. Not that it's not edible but it's just not falling apart like I'm used to.
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    Just my two cents...I think it needed more cooking.  The probe location may have been at 206, but what about other areas?  I am a believer in the probe slides in like butter test.  I don't worry about the finished temp, just start probing at around 195.  I've overcooked a brisket or two and they weren't tough, but they fell apart when trying to slice.

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    You know I was tired and when I woke up and saw the remote maverick meat temp probe reading 106 I panicked and immediately took it off and put it in a hot box to rest for 3 hours (fell asleep). Normally I do exactly what you said and had the meat temp alarm set for 190 but never heard it go off. I never checked it with an instant read thermometer like I normally do. Maybe I need to calibrate the maverick meat probe or buy a new probe.

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