Brainstorming for Third Smoker Build-Feedback Please!

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by bigphillystyle, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Hello, it's been a long time since I've been on here.

    I have been thinking about building a third smoker; first was an offset, second was a UDS.

    Well, now I want to build this thing...except out of oil drums.

    The main reason(s) I want to do this is because I would like to have propane available (if needed for weekday grilling) as well as a second chamber to create one giant chamber (when needed) to smoke whole hogs/ lambs/ chickens on a rotisserie-you get the idea.  

    So I understand all that needs done, it's relatively straightforward.  However I am not sure how I would connect the two oil drums so that I could have them separate or combined when I want (some sort of separating piece that could slide in and out).  Also, what should I use for the fire box?

    Have any of you done this or know someone who has?  I would love to get some insight/ ideas/ tips to make it easier and not so expensive.
  2. Well first off welcome back! I've never done this so I'm more or less thinking out loud. Are you planning on using the non propane side by itself or only as an option for whole hog? If you want to use that for charcoal it gets a little more complex on the engineering. Either way you go I think a removable center divider is I order to control heat for the sides independently. If you only use the second door for whole hog, I would just flange the inside of the right door so the left rests on top of it and install a couple of latches. If that doesn't make sense how I worded that, let me know I'll sketch you something up, hope that helps!

  3. Hello.  Here is my opinion for what it is worth:  IF you are going down this route I wouldn't do it with barrels.  THIS is a once in a lifetime smoker build.  The barrels WILL rust in a couple/4 years.  IF you are going to do this go with pipe.  1/4" good, 3/8" even BETTER!  I KNOW the money aspect but IMHO don't do this with barrels, you'll only be disappointed in the long run.  Just my opinion.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  4. Danny, thank you for the input!

    Sorry if I sound ignorant but what do you mean by pipe?
  5. Brandon,

    I do want the propane side to be able to use independently when needed. Essentially, two separate grills that I could combine if I needed to smoke a whole animal.
  6. Also that would be incredible if you could sketch it for me!

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