bleu cheese ribeyes, loaded baked and roasted brocoli QVIEW

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  1. Well it officially feels like summer in Winston Salem North Cackalacky! Its time to cut this hippie mop hairdo I've got going on, I just sweated my (fill in the blank) off! [​IMG]  The rib eyes were Angus choice and about an inch thick. Coated in a mix of super prudish olive oil and butter before slappin on the heat. The broccoli was seasoned with lemon juice, lemon pepper, s&p, granulated garlic. Roasted the broc at 425 for twenty minutes and added REAL imported Italian Parmesan cheese half way through cooking. This stuff was unreal. Loaded baked taters nuff said. Grilled the rib eyes at around 450 and brushed with garlic butter. Covered mine in bleu cheese crumbles, the wife loves bleu cheese but isn't supposed to eat it right now being pregnant. Thanks for looking.





    Foxy Brown bein foxy like she does




    Washed it all down with some good cold Sweetwater IPA which I'm still indulging in at this moment.
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    YUM Stevo! Ribeyes are my fave! Looks like a great dinner for the two of you, and maybe some nice fatty bits for the pup? I've never roasted broccoli, looks good! I love to add the cheese on top, too. If Amelia wants to gild her steak lily, a composed herb butter could be a substitute.  Summer isn't getting here in any hurry, rainy and chilly (again) today, but there are rumors we could see 70 this weekend. Cheers!
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    Steveo I just wish we had smell o forum, those rib eyes look great and that broccoli recipe is brilliant, that's one I'm trying very soon. [​IMG]
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     A great looking meal..

     We love ribeyes here too..

  5. Thanks Barbe, I miss you when you aren't around! [​IMG]70? I wish. It feels like we skipped May and June and went straight into August. I could deal with 70 right about now.


    They smelled good meaty man! Thank you. I can't remember where I picked up the brocoli recipe but it really is good. We don't prepare it any other way now. The parm makes it especially some good parm.
  6. nice looking meal![​IMG]
  7. Thanks Craig, I'm glad you enjoy my posts because I sure as heck enjoy your Qview!

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    man O man that looks great bet it was tasty.. Nice job
  9. Thanks man, I enjoyed you recent BCC post! Glad to have you here.



     Thanks bud, It was pretty darn good!
  10. Looks damn tasty man! Nice grill marks.
  11. Gracias mi amigo, we should get together and cook for the girls.
  12. smokinal

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    Great looking meal Steve. Love those ribeye's! [font=arial, sans-serif]    [/font][​IMG]
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    "super prudish olive oil" hahahahaha [​IMG]      Grub looks great, I love ribeyes! Funny, I had the same broccoli last night but we use olive oil, garlic, s&p, red pepper flakes, and Parmesan cheese. Never tried it with lemon, I will have to next time. That is one of the wife's favorite side dishes next to green bean fries (not fried) with a lemon garlic aioli dipping sauce. Nice cross hatch too.
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    All looks Great Steve !!!

    Gotta love that plate full !!

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    looks yum...great looking steaks...and I love blue cheese, GF hates it...oh, well, to each their own.
  16. jirodriguez

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    Nice job, that is a great looking meal! I do a similar thing with blue cheese, but I also like to take some slices of pear brush them with oil, grill them, and serve them on top with the blue cheese. The mix of sweet from the pear and savory from the blue cheese go awesome with red meat..... mmmmmm.
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    Man that looks good! Love the blu cheese too! What all did you put in the tatoes
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    Great looking meal my friend. Love ya like a brother but dont give up the day job for comedy [​IMG]

    Give Amelia a hug.
  19. rp ribking

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    Stevo, Looks mighty fine!!! I am going to see how blue cheese tastes on T-Bone's in about 15 minutes. Thanks for the Qview!!!  
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    I have Meat Envy!


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