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  1. With work and build time on this smoker I haven't had much time on the computer lately,but wanted to give a big thanks to dave and the other guys that answered some of my questions,during the build,it took awhile to finish,but its done,gonna fire it up sunday and check temps,and cross fingers and toes,that everything goes according to plan,it was originally a 26" pipe 3/8" thick,firebox is the same section of pipe,the horseshoes on the backside act as door stops,in case anyone is curious,lol,i mounted it on a single jetski trailer,here are the pics,still needs paint,but that's not my dept

  2. daveomak

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    RR, morning...   Looks good....  very good...   Just curious... I can't see the lower air inlet for the Fire Box...  did you put one in......   Dave
  3. hi dave,if your referring to the firebox end under the cc?i did not,i hope that's not an issue later,if so I may have to add one before paint,you have any concerns about it drawing ok? thanks danny
  4. daveomak

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    Danny, morning...   It would sure help the fire, if you had an inlet at or below the fire grate..  that would feed air to the wood for good burning...  the upper air inlet you have is perfect for moving all the hot air inside the FB thru to the CC...    Racks look nice... lots of room for grub...

    Fire it up and see what happens...   Put your plan in motion.....  Need any help, I'm here........

  5. roller

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    Ur smoker built looks great.
  6. thanks dave,and roller,i hope everything works as planned,will update after we fire it up today, thanks again
  7. Looks very nice
  9. Temps are holding within 5 degrees and biscuit test took about 20 min to cook,just to see how even the chambers cooked
  10. daveomak

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    Almost ready for meat...    Yum.....    
  11. went today and laid down 3 hickory trees,so they could start drying out,dave,from the looks of things today,after some thought i think it will need the vent under the grate,temps held really good,but I am alittle concerned about getting the temps up alittle higher,in case of colder weather bbq contests,the highest temp we had was 295,im afraid we may have heat problems later,as hot as it was here today,we should be around the 400 degree mark,but we did shut it down and still had a nice fire for a couple hrs afterwards,i guess we will see how a boston butt or ribs cook next weekend and go from there?
  12. Thanks brad!!!!
  13. alaska

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    I reallylike the build as Im in the beginning phase myself. Kinda confused why you have an upper air inlet to move the hot air from the FB to the CC. Is this to bypass the plate and if so what purpose will that be for.

  14. alaska

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    Is that square stock that your expanded metal is attach to?
  15. daveomak

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    Alaska, afternoon......    In the SFB or RF type smokers,  Using the air inlet below the fire grate to increase the temp in the cook chamber, can just burn up wood....   Maybe the FB is at 500-600 degrees and the CC is at 225....    If you open the air inlet that is above the fire grate, it will move the hot air into the cook chamber and NOT stoke the fire.... thus saving wood and increasing control over the CC temp....  It is really that simple and works very well....   folks have written me on how fast the smoker comes up to temp, how easy the temp is to control and the best thing is the reduced wood consumption....   No longer did they need to have the FB at 500-600 deg to get the CC  up to 275-300..    
    All the air/heat/smoke still travel into the CC under the RF plate through the original opening between the FB and CC...... on pic to enlarge....

  16. morning Alaska,yep its 3/4 inch sq tube,slides into the c-channel welded to the cc,im gonna post the pics of it when its painted,im thinking about going with a high temp powder coating,will see,i hope dave answered your other question,
  17. Finally got my smoker painted,here is a pic
  18. daveomak

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    RR, evening.......    Looks very nice.....  What color is it ??  Looks to be a bronze ish color....    Dave
  19. alaska

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    Thats a very nice build and I appreciate your sharing the photos.
  20. hi dave,its just a high temp black,i guess the sunlight makes it look bronze in the pic,thanks again dave for the help,about ready to start another build,thanks Alaska,hows your build coming along?

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