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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by octshake, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. octshake

    octshake Newbie

    Thanks to everyone who helped w/info for smoking a butchered hog. Everything turned out great, except for ribs. No problem, there was plenty of meat left over. Even managed to smoke 16 ears of corn in the Smokey Mountain smoker. A special thanks to my 2 buddys in the chat room, u know who you are. Thanks to everyone we had a great BBQ before my nephew returned to the Army. Again, thanks and God bless you all.
  2. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member


    and glued was one of em............hehehe
  3. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Notes back like this is why we do it :{) Good job!
  4. ds7662

    ds7662 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Congrats on your smoke.
  5. gramason

    gramason Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Good job, congrats.
  6. glued2it

    glued2it Master of the Pit

    Your welcome! I was wondering if you were ever going to return.
    I was hoping you had some pictures of the finished product.

    Congrats on your success and let us know if you need anything else!

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