Beer Can Chicken in Beer Sauce - Great way to start the weekend!

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  1. Found some whole chickens on sale a couple of days ago and the first thing that came to mind was........Beer Can Chicken and Beer Sauce!  When I got my birds home, I thoroughly rinsed them with cold water - patted them dry - seasoned them up and on my barrel smoker they went! After preparing my chicken I washed down my work area, cutting board, butcher knife and everything that came in contact with the bird with HOT soapy water (with a couple drops of bleach in it) BEFORE I started on my side dishes.

    I smoked my chicken with cherry wood to an IT of 165  - cooked low and slow for about 3 hours......I served my chicken with buttered sautéed carrots/French beans, tossed green salad, drizzled with Beer Sauce.  Served with several glasses of white wine on the's my chicken Q-views

     reducing my beer sauce

     I deboned my chicken (and removed some of the skin) simmered it in beer sauce for a few minutes while I prepared my veggies....

     my finished Beer Can Chicken drizzled with Beer Sauce and served with sautéed veggies, tossed green salad and several glasses of white wine (the best part) [​IMG]

     my chicken was moist and tender - the beer sauce took it over the top with flavor.

       I removed the chicken from the bones and will be freezing those bones for another making my homemade "smoked chicken broth" - really good in soups and beans!  I removed and discarded the skin......Why buy store bought chicken broth that is loaded with so many preservatives (with names you can't even pronounce) when you can make your own chicken broth.............just saying! I ALWAYS have homemade chicken broth in my freezer ready to use anytime!  Josie - SVB
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  2. [​IMG]   Another great meal Josie!  Well done  [​IMG]
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    Nice looking Bird but I am a little disappointed in you, Young Lady! [​IMG]...What's in the Beer Sauce!?!...JJ
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    Josie Looks Fantastic! I cook down the carcass for broth and you are right smoked chicken makes fantastic stock! Ilike to measure mine out into two cup portions and pour into ice cube trays. Then freeze and vac pack the cubes. Then when I need a cup or two or more of stock I know how many cubes I need.
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    That is a great looking meal. Great job
  6. Good Morning Dirtsailor2003,

    I freeze my chicken broth in one cup size or 3 cups size (for my soups, beans or sauces) pictured below.

     smoked chicken broth....good stuff!

     3 cups size chicken broth (left), homemade pasta sauce, dill pickles and jalapeno jelly.....
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    Nicely done! Bravo!

    I like to make and save chicken broth also; you never know when it will come in handy

    Thank you for adding in the food safety reminder

    Well played, far too often we take it for granted everyone knows enough about food safety
  8. awww JJ don't be disappointed Sir....... didn't mean to leave out that little detail on purpose.....I ran across the beer sauce recipe a couple months ago when I was searching for "smoking world" information.  I tweaked it a bit because the original recipe (forgot the author's name and the site I was on-sorry) was a little to spicy for my grandbabies with the habanero peppers so I omitted the peppers. This is how I prepared the beer prior to making the sauce.

    -Started with (2) 12 oz. cans of beer **I poured out about 1/3 of beer from each can (to make room for dry spices, butter, and garlic)

    -Cut a stick of butter (lengthwise) into 4 equal pieces.  Add 1 piece of butter to each can of beer (melt the remaining butter and set aside - I used melted butter to coat my chickens before I added  the dry rub)

    -Add 1 tablespoon of old bay seasoning to each can of beer plus 1 teaspoon of dry chicken rub (yours)

    -Add 2 cloves of smashed garlic to each can of beer

    **I added some of the beer back into the can AFTER I added the ingredients above and drank what was left!

    Place prepared cans of beer in my chicken stands - carefully placed chickens on top each can of beer and smoked to correct IT temp......

    After I smoked my chickens to the correct IT temp - I removed them from beer cans - poured the liquids into a small sauce pot and added; 1/2 cup of Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 cup molasses (Grandma's brand - Robust Flavor), 1/2 cup ketchup and 2 tablespoons brown sugar.  Simmered for 30-40 minutes (the liquids will reduce slightly and the flavor will intensify)

    Below- I removed the skin from my chickens, sliced, place pieces in a large pan, drizzled with beer sauce and simmer (in a covered pan) while I prepared my veggies.  I poured the remaining beer sauce in a small bowl to pass around the table.

  9. thanks Arnie.....

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    Josie.......for as many BC Chic's as I have done, I have never thought of using the left over beer for anything. Thanks for posting that sounds great.

  11. Brad that leftover beer makes some awesome sauce......that's alcohol abuse if you throw it away [​IMG]  ( lol)

  12. thanks.
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    I am glad I pushed for the Beer Sauce! That sounds great! Lots of good flavors going on...Thanks a bunch...JJ
  14. Looks like a fantastic meal and thanks for the recipe!
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    Great meal. Great Qview. Great recipe. I agree with great idea of making chicken broth.


  16. You're welcome JJ.  I always make a double batch because it is a great dipping (or simmering sauce) for lots of other foods. I slow braised a chuck roast last month and used my beer sauce as the braising was off the hook chain good!  My grandbabies (and neighbors) love my deep fried "Crunchilious Chicken Wings" served with a bowl full of beer sauce for dipping! 

    Totally off the subject of cooking............We purchased a new puppy over the weekend.  I have forgotten how much work a new puppy dog can be!  Here's Miss Sophie. Pray for me to find lots more patience during these potty training days lol ..........Josie

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    Going to try it looks good good job
  18. thanks can't go wrong with HOMEMADE chicken broth.

  19. and so simple to make.  My advice make a double batch for extra dipping!!!!

  20. you're welcome anytime SH......


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