Beef ribs, with Jeffs, gas grill???

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by tbone2k, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. tbone2k

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    Hey everyone.. long time no see.

    Ever since the flood last year i haven't had my smoker up and running and had some remodling and haven't gotten around to getting a new smoker yet.

    However i got this bad ass aussie gas grill that i want to sleep with.!!! BUT, i wanna slow cook some good stuff.!! And i wanna make some ribs. I would like some advice on how to make it successfull. Here is what i was thinking.

    My grill can use charcoal as well, i can flatten the burner covers and put charcoal down and use the propane to get it started then turn it off. So i was thinking of putting that on one side of the grill and just having a small amount of charcoal and then having the ribs on the other side of the grill. With a foil pouch of wood chips? And then add a couple bricks of charcoal when needed.

    Think this will work??

    By the way, anyone in Mason City, IA today for the Up in Smoke BBQ Bash thing this weekend.??
  2. irishteabear

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    I would imagine that it would work. Just keep a close eye on the temp in the grill and you might have to rotate the ribs a time or two to ensure even cooking.
  3. tbone2k

    tbone2k Smoke Blower

    It did work.. for the most part.

    I found out the charcoal was kinda useless. But, the wood chips did help.
    I used Jeff's and got the wood going. Didn't last too long because the temp couldn't get low enough. But, i just added more and it created a hell of a smoke inside the grill. Wasn't as good as the smoker. But, did taste pretty damn good.

    Next time i'll just remove the grate like normal. and put the wood wrapped in foil on the LP flame. I think will create the same effect.

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