Beef price is getting stupid .

Discussion in 'Beef' started by more ice, May 4, 2014.

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    OK people. Whats going on in beef land? the price here in South Florida us up up up. Restaurant depot is (WAS) our cheapest place to buy meet. Hints the name it is a member only buy bulk cheap place to get the goods. Beef  Brisket a few months ago was 2.60 - 2.89lb.  for the best cut available (i believe in only buying the best Beef ) now it is 3.99 lb. Sams club is 5.35 a lb. I buy full packers between 10-13 lbs and i dont just cook one the size of my smoker and my man pride just wont let me. So how is the prices where you all live? Is it up all over or just here?  Went to the grocery store today and ground beef was 4.99lb are you serious?  I may sell the house close my shop pack up the truck and move on out to the land of better priced beef... hows the price where u all live?
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    Part of the price increase is because of a freak blizzard that hit our area and South Dakota last fall...if I recall, that storm killed about 200,000 head of beef in So Dak alone, and a high percentage of those would have been bred with this years slaughter steers. Prices will be higher because they know they can get it...demand is going to be far more than supply when this all comes to a head in about 5-6 months. Expect unrealistically high prices when it does hit...meaning higher than it is now. I haven't been following the markets, but I'm sure there are other factors involved, such as excess export.

  3. Well remember the news stories last year of the drought out in the mid-west of the USA?  They had to cull all the herds of Cows, because of fears of no feed for them.  That is where your price increase came from.

    Our prices went up a couple weeks ago and the outrage was so loud, they cut it to below it was before.  You see, Canada exports Beef to the USA, and we had no drought and did not have to kill any of our animals because of it, like they did in the USA.  We informed our stores and their suppliers of this and they listened.
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    Thanks Guys.. Thought it was because i live here in this yuppy town.
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    I pay $2.50lb if its hamburger or tenderloin beef meat is all the same price.Getting them to cut it the way you want it is another thing hahahahaha

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    Same deal out here in Washington.  Brisket prices were $2,60-2.80 not too long ago.  Now $3.60.
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    remember about 2 years ago when the public found out that the big slaughter houses were importing cows from mexico, raising them for awhile and then off to be slaughtered.everyone was screaming, now that has stopped the us cattleman like the oil guys can just about name their price, it makes you wonder who got the whole mexico beef going in the news.who ever did the american people yelled loud enough to stop that practice, now we are paying the price. of course this is just my opinion.
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    Cattleman do not set the price on the beef market.Beef prices are set by the Futures Market and Packing plants and feed lots which grain prices are going thru the roof.Tx has been in drought for a few years also now California.World wide demand has made beef prices rise in many countries.It is going to get worse before it gets better.

    Just my opinion

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    Ok. I am going to jump in on this one.

    Have to sit down when I get home to explain it all. though it has bee touched o a little by Palladini there is more to it.

    Waiting for a customer to give me their meat order for the start of the week.

    I sell protein to restaurants, hotels, butchers shops ad grocers so I am very involved I the beef, pork (which is also going sky high in pricing in Canada and the US), poultry and seafood domestic and world market.

    Expect to see prices remain high and even higher for at least 2 years, should come down around 2016 to 2010ish levels.
  10. wncrick

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    pork and beef both up over 30% here in two months...........your not alone

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    My father-in-law does grass-fed beef and is always following the beef market and trends.  He actually called this back in December and said that we should expect prices to jump through the roof.  Can't remember what he said about the why.  But it is frustrating for sure - cause I love me some beef.
  12. madman mike

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    So the issue with beef is the drought in the US in 2011/12 caused massive liquidations of the beef cattle herds across the entire US. The drought caused shortages and high process of feed crops. The lack of feed and high costs are why US herds were shrunk to its lowest national level in almost 60 years, yet the population and demand for beef has rise exponentially

    It takes on average 2.5 years to grow a herd size. This is causing a shortage of beef for slaughter for two reasons.

    1) shortage due to liquidation

    2) shortage due to cow retention for breeding to grow herd size.

    There are a few other factors as well. The US ad Canada are no the only 2 countries effected by massive drought.

    USA and Canada are both large importers and exporters of beef, however due to a continuing drought, going on 7 years, in Australia there is more pressure on world beef markets. Add that to new markets opening up for South American beef to Europe, Asia and now Russia importing beef is not as economical as it once was.

    Not to mention the new Country of Origin labeling introduced in the US, which has caused Tyson Foods, the largest beef processor in the US, to stop using or importing beef completely.

    There is actually a world beef 'shortage' so to speak. Basic economics dictates price through supply and demand,

    Now on to pork.....

    PEV disease is a problem causing piglets to die. It is expected that the US hog industry is expected to drop production by 12.5% from 2013 levels, translates into roughly 18.5miliion fewer slaughtered hogs this year than last.

    add the high beef prices the hog industry can artificially inflate prices to grow margins making themselves more $$$.

    Another aspect to the high pork process, especially in the US, is not being talked about, at least not here in Canada. Last year a Chinese company bought the worlds largest pork processor based I the US. They are now increasing, by leaps ad bounds, the amount they are exporting back to China. The ew owners also penned a deal a few months ago to ship pork to Russia.

    Russia and the US previously had o trade agreement for pork, and they still don't. But because the Chinese do have a trade deal and they own the company inn the US the are able to circumvent and export to Russia.

    Its a world market and hard to handle. Wreaking havoc in my industry and causing nothing but problems.

    Watch for good deals, buy local when possible. There are lots of farmers raising amazig beef that is well worth the $. especiilay when compared to the big processors beef.
  13. more ice

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    Thanks Mike.
  14. dcarch

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    Remember "Pink Slime"?

    Not using pink slime in human food resulted 15 million more cows yearly are needed to make up the difference.

  15. madman mike

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    pink slime is still being used, just not as openly or in products like ground beef or McDonalds burgers.
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    This thread's funny! 

    Heard a whole lot of cow talk, but I'm here in Texas and I ain't seen no huge herd culling!

    Brisket was $2.28lb. Now up to $2.78lb.

    And NO we don't need everybody moving here just cause meat's cheap!!

    I guess I'm spoiled with HEB. I can just tell the butcher what I want without instructions and even the young butchers know how to do it!

    We tried that Caleefornee tri tip stuff. NO THANKS!

    We'll stick with Brisket & beef Ribs!!

    Plenty of beef! Plenty of Oil! GREAT Fishing! Overrun with feral hogs! Speaking of that I need to go kill a couple and do a 60-80lber up whole hog!! Them little ones are TASTY!!!
  17. more ice

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    Hay Jay I'm a native. Can I move home?
  18. jay1340

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    I'm not.

    BUt, as long as ya don't buy up all the briskets, Dino ribs and little piggies, 

    sure why not!!
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    You find any deals yet on meat? Native Texan living in S. Florida
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