Baby back rib smoking question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by king salmon, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Coming up in August I will be smoking meat for my company BBQ and one component will be baby back ribs. In order to provide the quantity of meet that I need to, I will be smoking some in the preceding days.

    I've learned the 3-2-1 and 2-2-1 method from this forum and have the ribs coming out very well. What I am wondering is, can I do the smoke and foil (3-2) and keep the ribs in foil and refrigerate them for 1-2 days and then complete the "1" right before serving them?

    I'm smoking with a Chargriller Duo SFB.

  2. seboke

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    King, if you have a vac sealer, go that route. Foil wrapping will not get you air tight, and if you fridge them they are going to dry out on you. If you vac them, you can get em out of the cold to bring up the temp a bit before laying on the last hour of heat.

    Or, finish em off, slice em, ziplock bag em, then reheat em.

    Probably get a lot of opinions, but these are what I'd do! How many racks of BB's?
  3. ron50

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    I agree. Finish them, then vacuum seal them.

    You can take them out and then reheat them in a foil pan and spritz them with a little apple juice or glaze.
  4. Good info guys, thanks! I hadn't considered the drying out factor.

    I appreciate the help!
  5. ronp

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    For BBR I would do the 2-2-1 method with a sprits at the second 2 (braising). After # 2 wrap In plastic, and if you are afraid of drying them out, and if you are going to sauce them do it now to preserve the moisture.

    Then reheat depending on the method, I like to put them on the grill just long enough to get temp up and brown the sauce and maybe baste them once more.

    Hope this helps!
  6. jakesmith

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    All good options, I'll add my $0.02

    I cook all the way through. then vac seal them and put them in the fridge.

    The day of the event, I take the ribs, put them in an electric roaster with the wire rack in it to keep the ribs off the bottom of the roaster. In the bottom of the roaster you can do a few things. A lot of times I'll put just a very small amount of water in it. Dont put too much so the ribs are soaking in the water. I do this because I think it helps to keep the ribs moist while they heat back up. I'm thinking about experimenting with Apple Juice and rum mix that I use to spray on the meat while I'm smoking.

    The nice thing about this method is you can set the roaster on the buffet line let it heat up and you dont have to do any moving when your ready to serve.

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