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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jefmker, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. jefmker

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    I went to a buddies house on Sunday as he was doing a trial run for the Lenexa BBQ in a few weeks. I've been wanting to get a new smoker but undecided on what to get.

    He was using a smoker called 'The Good Ones', you can check them out at, he was using the Patio 30 model. What I liked about it was the firebox was in the front and the meat racks were above and offset to the back of the firebox. There is a baffle between the firebox and meat to help control temp.

    My buddy pretty much put the charcoal/wood in and about 20 minutes later after adjusting vents/damper, the temp was held at 225. It stayed at 225 for easily 3-4 hours without adding any coals, just a few wood chunks here and there.

    Has anyone seen any smokers built this same way? I like the fact that the firebox is rather large and spans the entire meat section.
    i would think those basic offset smokers with the firebox on the side would create a 'hotspot' right where the heat comes into the meat racks. Wouldn't you have to rotate what you are cooking because of the hotspots?

    Just wonder what everyone thought, before I drop some 'bones' on a new smoker want to see what everyone thinks of the offset and the 'hotspot' issue.
  2. pigcicles

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    jefmker, usually the sfb models require some "tuning" to reduce or eliminate the hot spots. A deflector is added to keep the heat from running straight into the smoker then tuning plates are added to distribute the heat / smoke evenly. From there rotating and flipping the meat is an option that varies among people.

    If you are interested in the Good Ones brand, it performed well, & the price isn't out of reach... then go for it... we just ask that you report back how you like it and give us a review of how it works for you.

    Keep Smokin
  3. billyq

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    I agree with Pig. Offsets that don't have tuning plates almost always have a hot spot right next to the SFB. You can use a water pan as a baffle if need be, or make some tuning plates if you're so inclined. Some offsets vary quite a bit from one end to the other also.
  4. msmith

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    I also agree with p.c that pretty much sums it up.
  5. jefmker

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    Thanks for your replies, appreciate your input. Since you guys are 'Professional Smoking Consultants' what do you guys think of those Hasty Bake grill/smokers.
    I have one down at our lake house that I inherited but not sure about it. I mean it doesn't have the vents/stack on top, looks like they are supposed to work similar to an oven.

    I would think it would be pretty easy to overpower the meat with smoke as their is no place for the smoke to escape up top. Wouldn't this also allow the creosote problem to appear if the smoke can't escape?
  6. msmith

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    I have never heard of that type of cooker but looks to me it would choke out the fire.

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