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  1. Hey all,

    Mixing up some andouille sausage with cure #1. My question is in the smoking. I can only keep my smoker about 105F - 110F. I plan on smoking 3 - 6 hours then I will finish in my oven to an internal temp of 150F. Is this method acceptable?
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    SB14, I think that six hours of smoking will be a bit strong. With sausage in the 32-38mm size I find that 2-3 hours is plenty of smoke time. You can finish it in the oven if you like the smokey aroma taking over your house. I love the smell but the wife doesn't.
  3. Thanks Crazy Moon,

    We are making the andouille today and put in the frig over night, then I'll smoke it tomorrow. I will cut back on the smoke time. Thanks for the advice.



  4. I got the Andouille done today. Not too bad for my first attempt. Not the prettiest coil. Smoked 3 hrs with hickory and cherry and then finished in the oven to 155 F. The hog casings I had were too big for my liking (38 - 42mm) so I tried to keep my diameter smaller so the casings were a little saggy. Tastes great just the same. Thanks again for the advice.


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