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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by ray, Aug 21, 2007.

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    First let me say that I really enjoy this forum and and am learnig more and getting new ideas everyday. Thanks to all!

    Just thought I'd pass along my results with the Afterburner-H added to my Chargriller Pro with no other mods.
    I smoked two briskets on a full bottle of gas. One for 14 hrs and the other 15 hrs. Where I live a bottle is $20. I haven't cooked this long with charcoal so I can't compare the cost difference but I would imagine the lump would be the cheaper fuel. (Before the afterburner I did have three 6hr rib and one 12hr brisket cooks with lump but I didn't keep track of usage. I wish that I had.)

    Maintaining 225-230 degrees for the entire time just doesn't get any easier.

    One other observation is that with the lump where you continue to get smoke flavoring when your chunks are gone, not so with the gas. Smoke stops when the chunks peter out and it's easy to oversmoke if you keep adding more to the chunk can on a long cook. I found that I could keep the can loaded as long as I only put a toothpick size hole in the foil rather than the thumb size hole recommended by the afterburner instructions. I discovered this after the first brisket which I think was over smoked even though no one complained.

    Maybe this info will be useful.
    Cheers, Ray

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