Accuracy of the smoker box temperature gauge

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  1. Bought a new Weber Smokey Mountain smoker last Oct. and lately have started to notice my smoked meats were cooking faster than expected, even though I was keeping the internal box temp. within a desired cooking range.  I dropped in another temperature sensor to check the thermometer reading of the kettle cover gauge.  I found that the factory installed TI reading was close to 30 degrees lower than check test TI.  When I removed the factory TI it was very much covered with a rather heavy coating created from the smoking process.  I cleaned the TI sensor and tested it with boiling water, and it read dead on 212*.  The coating build up was actually insulating the sensor from the actual box temperature.  I guess it's a good practice to clean these TI sensors every quarter if you want to expect fairly accurate readings.  Just a tip.
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    Good info thanks for sharing
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    I ended up replacing mine with a tel tru thermometer and it's right on the money.
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    Yep I have had that happen as well. I usually try to remember to rub a paper towel over the probe before I fire up the smoker each time.
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    You were lucky.  A lot of stock therms are WAY more than 30 degrees off!  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.

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