4th of July butt smoke!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokindenny, Jul 4, 2014.

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    First time doing pork butt, so why not do it when there's people comin over, right? I have a large BGE, and love it. But after almost 2 years, I never did pulled pork! Got stuck in the brisket routine...and damn good at it, I must say...but its time for pork.
    Bought a butt from Costco, turns out its 2 boneless in one....wasn't ready for that. No worries - picked up some generic Costco meat rub, coated my butts and wrapped em up overnight.
    This morning, I got the BGE up to about 250, indirect heat and a drip pan with water, and put both of them in about 8:30 am. I'm pretty much following Meowy's sticky from a few years back - great instructions!
    After IT hit about 100, I misted a few times with apple juice and Cpt Morgans. I don't know if misting ever makes any difference or not but I feel cool doing it.
    Took about 5 hrs and stalled out at 162. So I wrapped em up in foil with some apple juice and put them back on. Its now almost 8pm, and the temp is barely bumping 190. Long smoke, but I'm about to pull em and let em rest while I make SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. Gonna pull it tonight and reheat for sammies at the party tomorrow.
    So far so good - looks yummy anyway!
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    Sounds great. How bout some pics?
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    Finally gave up on adding pics via the phone, and busted out the tablet.  Update too -- pulled the meat about 10 pm after resting in towels for an hour or so, then tossed in about a cup of apple juice, wrapped the whole pan up tight and put in the fridge.  

    This morning I made a version of finishing sauce, adding some amazingly concentrated and delicious dripping from the smoke -- unbelievable sauce!  I squirted it all over the meat, and it's reheating in the 200 degree oven right now, all sealed up with foil to keep it moist.  added a bit more apple juice too.

    Made a wicked sauce too - started with Sweet Baby Ray's, then added more drippings, apple juice, and the secret ingredient....crushed pineapple [​IMG]

    Here's my butts, all rubbed down for the night.

    Fired up - hickory and applewood!

    Ready to get er goin

    Smokin up the 'hood!  Love this pic

    163 IT - this is about 5-1/2 hours into it.  Wrapped em up at this point.

    See that foil tray underneath?  Liquid GOLD - poured it off and used it in my finishing sauce and BBQ sauce - holy crap that's good stuff!

    Another 6 hours or so at about 250, finally broke through the stall and pulled the meat out at 198 IT.  Wrapped in towels and put them in the cooler for about an hour.  The meat literally fell apart before I could even take forks to it!  Wrapped everything tight and ready to reheat for the BBQ sammies in the morning.

    The wife approves....clearly...



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