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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by da maxx, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. da maxx

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    Planning my second use of my MES 30. Going to do Corned beef brisket. On the first use, I wrapped the drip pan and water pan with foil. Clean up was a breeze. However, I noticed there was grease under the bottom drip pan which didn't drain out the back. I didn't expect that. I guess the unit wasn't completely leveled.  I'm considering replacing this with an aluminum pan to just catch the drippings. Any safety concerns ?
  2. One place i do clean on my smoker is the bottom floor. A grease fire is not a pretty sight. If you keep up on any grease accumulation on your smoker floor you shouldn't have any safety concerns. Try leveling your smoker and see if the in floor drain works correctly then...[​IMG]
  3. da maxx

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    gotarace, Do you think it's okay to have a pan to catch and hold the grease vs. draining out the rear ? I'll be replacing the pan every smoking cycle. Wondering if it would be safe to leave for in there for about 10-12 hrs. Thanks,
  4. Usually your water pan catches most of the grease during the smoke and only a small amount will hit the floor. I have never found a catch pan necessary but i don't see a problem using one if you diligent about cleaning after every use.
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    I have my MES tilted slightly back so the grease runs to the rear easier.
  6. eman

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    What Al said ^^^ . I don't know if the new units have them ,but the old ones had leveling feet on the unit that you could turn to raise or lower the front of the unit.
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    Ditto what Al said + what Eman said + what Gotarace said.

    Either during cleanup or before I start a smoke, I wipe the bottom of the MES out with a wash rag soaked in hot water and rung out.  I also wipe down the door frame and the rubber seal on the door.

    Have fun smokin the brisket..
  8. da maxx

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    Thanks to all for the replies. I'm going to try and tilt the unit towards the rear a little, to help the drain. The brisket came out very moist. Took 6 hrs, I pulled out at 190 degrees. It was also my first smoke with 2 probes. One for internal temp near the meat, the other for IT of the brisket. Very, very useful. The brisket could have had more salt. I might of soaked it water a little too long. Next time, I'll try the fry test before soaking. I also threw in 2 small pork ribs. They were perfect, very moist, pulled off the bone without the foil wrap. This is an awesome site for ideas !! MES is way cool and easy. Now wanting a the bigger unit.

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