2012 Lake Trout opener

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by erain, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. erain

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    did the annual pilgrimage into ontario for the lake trout opener... weather started out kind of gloomy but temps were nice. not the normal below zero stuff but warmed up to about 30 deg during the day.

    this was me first trout of the year

    2nd day i drew a blank for the day except i did have the trout of a lifetime on. had it up close to the hole several times but it kicked my ass royally... thing had to be 30 plus pounds. i got a 10 inch auger and that fish was as wide or wider than that hole. i remember the fins right behind the head as it rolled over. i would say they were bigger than a cigarette pack. somehow it kept rolling and twisted line around it and while doing so threw the hook. wife seen it so at least i had a witness. but i know no poics never happened. still was an awesome expierience, had no idea fish of that size lurked the waters we fish up there.

    nephew and his shack

    bro in law

    towards late afternoon 2nd day things started to clear up a bit.

    on day 3 we went to a different spot we never tried before and had a blast. filled all of our limits with nice fish great for smoking...

    the pics dont show it but lots of water on top of the ice. really was pleased with the new used sled i got. the wider ski stance and longer track as well as it being set back a bit really made for good performance in the slush. seemed if you didnt over accelerate and have the track disturb the surface snow to much it would stay on top, and if you did end up dropping down the 700 twin had more low end torque to power it out with plenty to spare.

    bro in law got a new frabile thermo flip up, i was looking as well and decided on the otter brand. these new thermal fish houses are the real deal. hardly takes anything to keep them heated.

    be some smoked fish in near future, prolly this coming weekend...
  2. bmudd14474

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    Im so jealous. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
  3. desertlites

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    Sheesh Buddy thats a BIG fish!! as always your ice fishing trips get me in the mood to get a line wet.thanks for shareing.
  4. erain

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    dang Bob, shuda seen the other... seriously made the one in the pic look like a minnow... Yeah, had to go to canada for snow...
  5. moikel

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    My mother & wife 2 both come from Ontario,Dad lived & worked there in the 50s before heading back to Australia. Used to tell me stories about ice fishing. Every time I complained as a kid about how cold it was I  got the same response "Son you dont know what cold is" They were right of course.

    Nice fish.
  6. sprky

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    Nice fish ya got there. sure would have liked to see the one that got away.
  7. boykjo

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  8. Great family time and great fishing. Love the scenery...let us know how the fish smoking goes.
  9. venture

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    That is a great fish!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. moikel

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    Aussie version of your northern fishing camp.Hot 100% humidity,dont go in water ,crocs,sea wasp jellyfish,sharks. Nearest person 50k tribal Aboriginal.No power no phone ,very peaceful .7metre tides challenging..All provisions by boat or Piper Cherokee.Dry season only.Mud flat airstrip. Tribal permission necessary,fishing mind blowing for about a week then you want to be somewhere with A/C,etc[​IMG][​IMG]

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