1st big smoke on the GOSM

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by packrat, Jun 1, 2007.

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    My 30th birthday is coming up on Saturday, so I'm firing up the GOSM for the first big run. Got a big pork butt, some sausage (for a fatty), two huge chunks of salmon, and a brisket. I didn't think I'd try a brisket this time around, but then I looked at the store. Instead of all the other ones that size marked "Trimmed Brisket", $2.99/pound, it was labeled "Split Fryer", $0.99 per pound. $17.90 vs. $4.02. What a deal. Hope to add take some pics at some point.

    A few questions. Will the cooking times be slightly longer if I have the smoker pretty full, compared to if i just had 1 piece of meat in it? Also, what should I place on the lowest rack in the smoker for sanitary reasons? I'll have a big brisket, a pork butt, a fatty, and a big chunk of salmon.
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    It will take a bit longer because you have more density. Also I would place the salmon on the bottom and the reason move around the smoker every so often. The fish will be done sooner but because it has a stronger flavor I would not risk it dripping on anything. The other meat if you move it around will work out just fine

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