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Jerky - What cuts are 'good'?


You can use just about any cut for jerky, but some are better than others.  You want lean meat, whether it is beef, pork, turkey, chicken, possum, venison, etc.  You don NOT want fat and/or fat-laced (marbled) meat.  When dried and stored, the fat may turn rancid, ruining your jerky.  That rules out portions of the chuck, rib and eye, plate, etc., except for lean-only strips of meat, devoid of fat.


Preferred cuts from all meats are usually the round, heel-of-the-round, sirloin/sirloin tip, chuck mock tender, parts off the shanks, arm shoulder, flank and flap meat.  Breaking down the round, there is the top, the bottom, and the eye.


Once all the fat is trimmed, including silver membranes if possible, you have the choice to slice the meat "with the grain" or "across the grain".  Many prefer it with the long grain, many prefer it with the short grain, easier to chew.  Your choice!  Usual thickness is 1/8th of an inch.


I've never had any 'bad' jerky, but some better than can also make ground jerky strips too!  Enjoy!

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