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Hello, and Welcome to, also known as SMF (Smoking Meat Forums).  From a brand new beginner to a multi-year seasoned veteran, we welcome you sincerely and openly to ask, share, and enjoy all your needs, wants, questions, successes (and of course failures, how else do you learn and get better?).


And, you may well be members or guests on other sites and forums also.  We strive to provide the kind, courteous and family-friendly experiences that you want and enjoy!


And, don't hesitate to spread the word!  Anything you learn here, we welcome you to share with others.  Please, mention SMF or give the URL for here (above) so others can enjoy too!


Thank you so much for your kindness, and please continue to enjoy this site!


Please Note: 

SMF does not support or encourage commercial business startups or endeavors to that end and we must remove any and all posts suggesting such.  Please check with your local, state and federal agencies for any and all necessary documentation, rules, laws, sanitation requirements, etc. to start any commercial business or enterprise; do not post any 'begs' for help, information, fundings or any other types of inducements, also.  We are a site for the free exchange of non-commercial home methods and practices to aid in others enjoying this artisan craft and all submissions are voluntary and with no guarantees or warranties of any kind.



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