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Pork Bellies

 'Pork Bellies


 I live in the Richmond VA area and can't believe how hard it is to find pork bellies to make my own bacon from. Any body have any ideas where i could obtain some, say 25 to 40 lbs worth.


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There are no butcher shops in your area? I remember as kid it used to be in the meat section in all the grocery stores around here, but now I have to go to a butcher shop and ask for them
Look in the yellow pages for Omaha Beef outlets. They have plenty.
I was up at the Med College of Virginia last week and after my appointment I took the wife to the big shopping area at Short Pump. I saw a sign on a building that said Omaha Beef. The building was across the street in a strip mall, from the main shopping complex with the all the big Department stores. › Articles › Pork Bellies