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my first smoke with qview

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did a butt and bb's for my first smoke. everything turned out great everyone loved the food. couldn't have done it without the info and helped i received on this site. thanks033.JPG034.JPG035.JPG042.JPG043.JPG048.JPG037.JPG040.JPG046.JPG

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Hey Ropaque welcome to SMF. Looks like a new smoker and a NEW SMOKER too. Great to have you here looks like you are off to a great start

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Welcome to SMF!!!

 That's some good lookin smoked meat right there . Rubbed pic of the butt looks like someone shot it w/ bird shot .  What is that red in the rub ? Pepper?

That mes will give ya many fine smokes in the future.

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yup i mixed in some crushed red pepper in my rub. as well as brown sugar garlic powder onion powder and some southwest chipotle seasoning.

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Beautiful....man, them ribs look GOOOOD! 

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That was an awesome first smoke and a great job!  Congrats on the new smoker and successful smoke!  

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Looks like a great start.

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You're off to a running start.  It only gets more fun from there!

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Looks good -- but the inside of that smoker is too clean":-}}

You'll have to take care of that.

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I bet it isn't clean anymore! Nice job!

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mmmm nice qview

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Great job  for your first smoke, nice looking BBQ

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You went large on your first smoke! Nice work, that meat looks tasty!



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That all looks really tasty! Good job on your first smoke - now you will find excuses to fire up the smoker... lol.

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I thought the wife would have let you bring that "way to clean" smoker atleast on the back porch instead of in the bunches. I saw your last smoke and it too looked really good. So keep it up I'm sure she will let you in the public eye soon.

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Great looking Q. Can't wait to see more of your work.

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That is a lot of BEAUTIFUL meat!   I love your seasoning choices for the rub.  all looks soooo goood!

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Looks great!

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Great first smoke, If you did that well I think it's safe to say you are hooked!


Once you've been around a while (not saying I have by any means) smoking food becomes easy and remember to have a camera around to record Qview becomes the difficult task!  Especially in a room full of vultures surrounding the feast (led by the head vulture, yours truly).


Thanks for sharing. 

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