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It finally Happend!

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This was my first Butt to not hit a stall! I put it on at 1:30 pm at 6:30pm it hit 161*, I foiled and went to 190* for slicing. The overall smoke took 8hrs for a 8.45 lb Butt!sat 007.JPGsat 001.JPGsat 010.JPGsat 004.JPG

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Looks great, I could go for a plate of that right now.

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That does look very good
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Hey man...... That looks fannnnntastic!!!!

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Miracle. Don't you wish that would happpen every time?

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Looks great

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Great job. Gotta love the no stall


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Looks a hella lot better than the dominos pizza i had for supper!

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Great Looking Butt...

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This is the way it went down! With some Fig preserves and pecan pie for dessert!sat 010.JPG

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WOW !!


Great spread.


Beats the heck out of the leftover PP I had.

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Awesome Rap !


Great looking plate !!!!


First time I ever saw one sliced--Might have to try that some time.




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Yes sir I have to agree with all the good folks out here that's a great looking plate of food you have there now. How bout them GATORS

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