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Looks Awesome!!!

Great Job Thunder!


Don't think we can get that on the East Coast,


Dont let people tell you that BEAR!!!   Just because its not well known to the right side of the mississippi doesn't mean its not available!

i carry it in OHIO and am educating as many people that will listen on how great the Tri Tips are!

Just be persistant! Consider offering to buy half the case ( if Possible) to get your meat man to get some in for you.




SOB I cordially ask you to stop pushing tri tips east...icon_biggrin.gif It is getting to where I can't afford it over here on the West Coast.  I love the food network but curse it every time I try and buy what used to be the cheap cuts of meat.  Now EVERYONE knows how to cook them...and we dont have cheap cuts anymore.  Oh well,


Bear, push hard it is truly one of the best summertime treats IMHO.