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My 1st summer sausage this weekend

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 My buddy from work gave me a Eastman Outdoors summer sausage kit and about 12 or 15 pounds of goat. I am going to attempt making my 1st summer sausage this weekend. I kept the goat chops, and I am going to substitute it with deer. I have a question though. I intend on putting the sausage in the casing, but I don't know how long or at what temp to smoke this sausage at. The directions aren't very clear. I have read on here a couple of different methods, but they seem to differ greatly. Any help please?

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I may have answered my own question. I found this after I posted my last comment. 

 This appeared pretty informative to me.

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  Goat meat....good stuff.....Last time a friend gave me some, I smoked it and it came out fine....  I wasn't doing sausage though, so I smoked it at 225.


Don't forget the  Q-Views on the sausage if you can.

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Now I like me some Goat meat. I have liked it for years since we have been going to Jamaica. I bet that it will make some good sausage too. Now I have always used a hot plate in my GOSM and started it out for the first hour at about 70°ish or so. Then ove it up 10° and hour and add smoke to it after the first hour. I would then take the sausage to about 152° and then put into a cold ice bath to cool it down and then hang it for a few hours to help it dry put. Then enjoy

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If you're going to smoke it be sure it comes with a cure, or that cure is included in the spice mix. 

I do like Mballi does, I start them at 100° and leave them there until the casing is dry, then,  add the smoke and start raising the smoker temp 20-30 degrees over time (maybe every hour or so) till you get to 180°-190° until they hit 152-155 internal, give them a shower to cool and enjoy!

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I agree with the directions on smoking the sausge. I have found the best results not to smoke sausage more than 4 hrs. Your times will vary depending how much sausage will be smoked

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Now I smoked some goat roasts last year, and they were great. I just used a deer marinade, and some good dry rub on them. I'm hoping this sausage making becomes a new hobby too, (like I really need another one). It is fast approaching the holiday baking season. I am already getting cheesecake orders. I have to bake 4 different cakes and pies this week coming up. Got football pratice for my son 3 nights a week for 2 more weeks (his team is going into the playoffs in 1st place btw) and I get to smoke the turkeys for our company Thanksgiving dinner, in 3 weeks or so, a 33 Ford truck to build, a 50 model Ford truck to finish up,and work a 40 hr plus a week job. I hope I have time for more sausage. Does anyone have a time stretcher I can borrow?

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ahhhhhhh the good old days......................Its sombody elses turn. I served my time............... cherrish the moments while you have them...

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I am happy to announce, the summer sausage turned out great! I ended up with 9 pounds, and we ate 3 pounds of it today at work, and it got good reviews. Thanks for all the advice! By the way, the sausage kit I used was Eastman Outdoors. I would have prefered it a little spicier, but for the gen pop, it was perfect, especially on a cracker, with a slice of provolone on it.

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Great job!!!!  I'm glad everything turned out well...

On the next run share some Q-views. 

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That was a before picture. It was 3:45 am when I pulled them off. All I wanted to do was go to bed. I had to get up at 4:45 to go to work, so I didn't get any after pics.

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