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Judging Tips

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A friend at work has asked me to judge their neighborhood "smoke off" in a couple of weeks. I thought it sounded like fun but have not done anything like this before. Can anyone offer up any "judging tips" on how to judge a competition? It is strictly low key, but I would like to do a good job.


I now understand that the only thing to be judged will be brisket.



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ll depends on how the contest rules are set up .Is it taste and tenderness only? or is it presintation also?

 Will you be the only judge?   If its multiple judges you need to print out rating sheets .


Taste = x% of total score                      x

Tendenderness =x% of the score           x

presentation = x% of the score              x


                                                  total score

If it's just you,You can give a number rating to each one or just decide which one you like best.

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I would go for tenderness and taste to me but it looks like Bob has given you the best method of judging. I would hope it's not just you for there might be some sore losers. It does sound like fun so I would go into it with a let's have fun atittude and then have some to.

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I believe I will be the only judge... and as far as I know... There ain't no stinkin' rules... ;o)

Should I request the brisket be sliced?

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Yes tell each entrant to turn in 2 slices .

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I agree with Bob's method but would really urge you to get some help so you are not the bad guy if someone is unhappy

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