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Q-View: First smoked turkey breast and some wings too

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I decided to try my first turkey. I went with a breast at 6.7 lbs. I did a simple brine of kosher salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, Tony's seasoning, and black pepper.


I brined the bird just over six hours. I read somewhere that a good rule of thumb was about one hour per pound. And I didn't want to over brine it. After it brined, I pulled it out of the brine and let it rest in the fridge overnight.


I also did some wing flats. I used Allegro Hot & Spicy because that's what I inject my turkeys with and it's one of my favorite marinades. I injected each wing, then put them in the marinade and let them soak overnight.


Before going on the smoke, I brushed the turkey with some olive oil and dusted the turkey with more Tony's, black pepper, and garlic powder. Here's the turkey and wings ready for the smoke...





I couldn't find apple wood in chunks, so I did foil pouches of a fistful of apple chips, with a palmful of hickory thrown in as well. Things got a little crowded in the smoker, so I had to do the wings in two batches. I knew they would cook faster anyway...





Temperature held pretty steady at about 260. I used lump and the minion method. I did have to add at least one extra chimney. Primarily because this smoker is a hunka-junk. Has zero vents or valves. And I haven't been able to put in a grate or something so the coals smother in their own ashes.


The wings were done after about an hour and a half and then I crisped them up a bit on the grill...





The wings were fantastic. I will say they were a bit too spicy. Next time I will probably use the regular Allegro. I love spicy, can't get enough. But this almost overpowered the smoke it was so hot. Which confuses me because my fried turkeys are never that way and I inject them with Allegro H&S. But I guess I don't submerge my turkeys in the Allegro like I did the wings. But the smoke flavor was perfect. Spot on.


Here is the turkey...






I was a little disappointed in the turkey, honestly. It had great smoke flavor but was a little bland. And not as juicy as I would have liked. I guess I need to brine longer next time? Would love to hear everyone's advice. I'm not giving up on this. Just need more practice. I would also like to crisp the skin up a bit more. But I guess I would have to do that in the oven or on the grill because I can't get that smoker much hotter than 260 or 275. But I wouldn't want to dry it out at the same time. What do you guys and gals think? Thanks, y'all.



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It all looks great How long in the brine really depends on the amount of salt in the brine. I like to use Travcoman45's brine and its very good as is or you can add spices as you like.

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Haven't done one meself so I can't help but it sure looks awesome from here!!!

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Looks good.

I'm gonna have to do it soon

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Thanks everyone. Regardless, I still enjoy getting out there and cooking during a full day of SEC football. Pineywoods, I'll certainly have to try that brine next time. That may solve my problems.

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If your bird was a little bland, its probably b/c the seasoning didnt penetrate the skin. Next time, peel the skin back and flavor UNDER the skin. Works out much better.

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Well your bird looks good if that means anything. For your brine I would also recommend Travcoman 45 's brine it called Tip's "Slaughter house brine". I have used it many many times and it's the only one I use on poultry of any kind. So get out there and smoke you another bird and see if it works better for ya.

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