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My first Qview

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My first smoke in the new unit was Chicken quarters.1st MES Smoke Chicken Quarters 001.jpg



1st MES Smoke Chicken Quarters 002.jpg



1st MES Smoke Chicken Quarters 004.jpg



They turned out awesome.


1st MES Smoke Chicken Quarters 009.jpg



1st MES Smoke Chicken Quarters 010.jpg



Now if I could only figure out how to separate my signature so it is not one long sentence.   

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Great looking meat there. Did you do a brine or anything with them? I have the same issue with my signature. Two of my lines are all fine but when I try to seperate the 3rd and 4th line it just puts it back into one line for some reason.

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mouth watering, I want one for breakfast



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Nice looking chicken and your smoker is very nice too! Great job!

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I had the same problem with my signature, but one of the members told me the solution. When you edit your signature, there's a button that will allow you to view the source code. When you do that, you'll see the string of characters that represent a line break. It's a "less than sign", followed by the letters "br /" (note there is a space between the "r" and the "/"), followed by a "greater than sign". Insert those 6 characters wherever you want it to break to the next line.



Oh yes, nice job on the chicken!

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Nice job on the chicken.

I had the same signature problem and was directed to the same fix Pokey used

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Great looking chicken.

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First of all Thanks for all of the compliments!! 


I did not do a brine this time, I will be doing one next time.  Since this was my first smoke, I couldn't even wait the 45 minutes for the brine, I was too dang excited.


I did 2 chuckies for the football tailgate party last Saturday and I was told that it was very very good.  I wasn't overly excited about it.  Although it was moist and shredded with ease, I just thought that the rub could have been more potent and next time I will use only hickory chips.  This time I had apple/hickory (I soaked them, only to read on here after the fact not to soak the chips)left over from the chicken.  The smoke flavor was there but very subtle.  I guess this is the great thing about smoking, you get to keep trying over and over and over, and that my friends has to be a good thing!!  I have also heard that the cook is never quite satisfied with the outcome ( I can do better next time).  So here's to next time. 


P.S.  THANKS Pokey for the signature fix!

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Well your chicken looks great and you say that the chuckie was good. Sometimes we are our own worst critics too. Now there is one thing I have found that wrong with your's too clean. You better start smoking.

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that look very good to me well done

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That is some great looking chicken. One thing I noticed and thought I would help you with some clean up. I line the bottom of the smoker with foil so I can just pull it out and replace it without having to clean the grease up off the bottom - hope that helps ya

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Wow, the old foil at the bottom of the smoker trick.  Too easy, no wonder I didn't think of it.


Thanks a bunch!!

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Nice looking chicken, HT!  I like the smoker as well.  When I was first in the market for a new one that one was on the list but I couldn't find it locally.  

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Great looking Chicken and Nice Smoker...


I do see a problem with the smoker though... It is way to clean for this bunch around here... You need to get busy and get if all smokey...

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your smoker looks so....... clean. did you not do an initial seasoning.

pretty unit however. and very nice looking bird

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Very nice looking chicken, I can almost smell it through the monitor.


I'm guessing you didn't season it before hand also.


You might be lacking a little flavor now, but smokers just get better with age and usage. Keep using it and it will become a well seasoned cooking machine!

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Nice job on the yardbird. I agree that it's not aged yet, way to clean.

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Congrats on the new smoker and your first smoke!  That is some nice looking bird.  

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Awesome first.

Birds are looking good my friend

That has gotta be the cleanest smoker I ever did see.

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