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Volume Sirloin tips $2.05#. With Qview

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Hello Folks...


In a strange turn of events the skies on the North Oregon Coast are...wait for it....BLUE! Decent temps and no wind.  Cash N Carry just happened to have sirloin tip cryopacs for $2.05 # and I couldnt resist.




The first package on the Smoker.  It settled in to 240-260 before I put them on.  the had been coated with EVOO and my dry rub and in a ziptop bag overnight. cooked for about 3-1/2 hours IT of 141 when I pulled it off.





and the money shot...



We sold these with 6 ABT's, au Jus, carmelized onions, and BBQ sauce for $15.  Sold them all in 2 hrs, I may have to raise the price.  ;)


I love happy friends.


Thanks for looking.




ps. the  second cryopac is in now because people got mad we ran out.


we may break even this time. woo-hoo

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Looks good, nice smoke ring.

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That looks great!

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Looks Awesome Smokey Mo !


I was gonna say, "That looks great", but somebody beat me to it! 




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Thanks Everyone.  I can not tell you how much you have helped me in this little venture of mine.  

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Looks great. Where in OR are you?

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Warrenton, near Astoria. ALL the way to the top. I see Washington from my back yard...

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