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Steel thickness on Firebox

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Guys,  I'm in the process of building a reverse flow w/ a square firebox.  Will 3/16" plate still work for the firebox or should I go with 1/4"?  Also what about the thermal plate, what is the sugguested steel thickness for it?



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IMHO , You need the thickest steel you can use on the fire box as this is going to get hotter than any other part of your smoker. thermal plate i'm not sure but i'm sure that someone who has done a build will chime in and let you know.

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If you can I'd say line, laminate or even insulate the firebox if at all possible, especially the top. Say line it with a piece of  aluminum sheet covered by a yet another sheet of steel. Even the thin stuff in mine is holding the paint.   


For the thermal plate I assume you're talking about the bottom of the cook chamber or the RF plate in which case the thicker the better as it's thermal mass. That will help even out the heat and eliminate hot spots. Since is mostly a flat piece anyway, try for 1/4" or better. You can always weld pieces to fab any small details or angled parts.  

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If you can I would go with 1/4" for both the firebox and the reverse flow plate but 3/16" would work if you already had some on hand

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Wecome to SMF Kenny, I used 1/4 all the way on my build and it works great! I have learned over the years it's best to build things the best way you can! If you don't have 1/4 in. buy some a little at a time until you have enough to do your build. You will be very pleased with the end result if you take your time and do it right!

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I used 1/4 in.  I also made it double walled.  I placed 1 in square tube in the middle for both support and even spacing.  It does get very hot and like others have said. You won't regret it.  Example is my firebox door.  It is single 1/4 piece and I didn't weld a support across it.  It has warped some and will have to go back and add the support bar.

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