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This is how bacon is made ??

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They show how commercial bacon is made . I use tender loving care and produce a outstanding finished product. I'm only doing one or two belly's at a time ,these guys are doing quite a bit more. I sure like the fact that I know where and how my stuff is made.

Check it out.  Bill 

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Yep I will stick with my own Buckboard bacon. 

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Yup - when we had the 4H kids yesterday I asked who was raising pigs and I have one girl who is going to make sure we get some bellies (We hope)

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I figure while I have the mess, I may as well make a bunch.  I end up giving most away anyways.


Good to see the video.  Now I appreciate my bacon and sausage even more!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Survey say's...make your own. I have to say I'd rather be injected with liquid smoke than enbalmed.

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As soon as I find somewhere to buy pork bellies I will be making my own too

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