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Making Your Own Sauces

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I've just realized something about my own sauces that I've been experimenting with, if you let them sit for a couple/few days, in the fridge, they come out usually with a better taste than when you first made them. I particularly found this to be true with my wifes sauce recipe that I put up a few months ago.

From now on, if I know for sure that I will be smoking something that requires a different sauce, I will make it days ahead of time.


I just thought I'd throw this in.




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I have found that to be true too.  I guess it lets everything settle and blend

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I would have to totally agree with you. 

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Kinda like smoked cheese, gotta let it mellow a bit. Good call.

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Agree 100%. 


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I also agree, by giving it a chance to come together.

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sure does ray!

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Sure does, come to think of it most foods do really, like chili

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Originally Posted by pandemonium View Post

Sure does, come to think of it most foods do really, like chili

 Starting to get cold out, a chili section would be nice.

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if you let them sit for a few weeks they get even better.  when I make sauces I do enought to can about 12 jars of it and I don't touch them now for about 3 weeks.  I tried the first batch at different times and I found about 3 weeks is when all the flavores have blended and smoothed out.  My JD sauce is a totaly different flavor after it ages.



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I agree with you 112% there Ray. I always make a really big batch for not only that reason but for the fact when I make some sauces I usually sit there looking into the refrig and just start picking stuff out and throwing it into the bowl. Then I hit the spice rack and that always has so many goodies in there too. You do need to let all the spices and other product mingle and all get together and frolic around and make a tasty treat for us later.

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