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inner linner for off set smoker

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Hey  morning all , Has any one had the problem with brinkmann and charbroiler , and newbraunsfel  and many more with fire box rust out and or burn out ?

I think I  have found a small solution to this old problem , I have started to rehab the old smoker and have found that the lids . aka doors for the firebox and smoker are great to use as a inner linner .below I will try to upload some pics

I have a breat deal on a very unused n b smoker it is very heavy 1/4 firebox and linner , very very heavy

any way good day to all fire box & liner insert.jpg

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Welcome to the forum. That is a great idea. I saw a couple of years ago on brinkmans web site some plates you can add to the fire box. Don't remember how much they cost, but probably more than I was willing spend at the time.


Keep posting your ideas, that is what we are here for.

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Welcome to the site.


I think what you are talking of will work, especially since there will be little to no bending involved. I do also think that the biggest factor is, 1 keeping the water out and 2 if you can't keep the water out then make it where the water will drain out. I try to drag my ash out every time I cook to prevent the ash acting like a sponge and holding the water. I am as bad as the next guy tho, sometimes I blow it off and don't get the ash out.


Be careful not to trap water between two layers, that could make the rust even worse.


Good luck and keep us posted.

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