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Saturday Tri-Tip with Qview (Or Tip and Chips)

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I have been out of town for a week, and was hankering for some good Q upon my return. I was too busy today for a long smoke so I did a 2.6 lb Tri-Tip. I applied a bit of garlic salt, onion powder, fresh cracked pepper, and a dash of Dale's Seasoning. I smoked it at 230 over pecan until internal was 135F. I then popped it on a hot grill for about 30 seconds each side. Still nice and pink with LOTS of juice. I also mad a batch of homemade tater chips, per my boys request. All in all, a fine dinner to enjoy after finally getting home!!


Tri-tip ready for smoker 10-9-2010.jpg



Tri tip from smoker for dinner 10-9-2010.jpg



Homemade chips 10-9-2010.jpg



Dinner 10-9-2010.jpg

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The tip and chips look delicious!  Glad you were able to get home and get you a fix! haha  


Thanks for sharing the Qview! 

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Tip and Chips, I like that Dean!!!

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Welcome home, and back to smokin'!


I haven't smoked a tip just yet, but your slices show some nice grains with some light marbling, sort of like what a brisket point would look like, only being nice and pink instead of well done. Hmm, yea, I think I could see myself eating some tri-tip, as I'm a med-med/rare steak lover.


Man, and to think they had a couple tips at Sam's a few weeks back when we were on a day trip to stock up, and I even grabbed a couple and looked 'em over, opting for a 10lb sirloin tip and a couple 5lb bottom rounds instead.


I'll be looking a little closer at the tip next trip I make, 'cause that looks like some damn fine eating beef in my eyes! I need some shorter smokes to do as well, instead of the typical brisket, pulled pork, etc.


Thanks for sharing your dinner!



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Now both parts of your dinner were pretty impressive. I really like he chips and the tip looked quite yummO too.

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looks good and bet tasted even better

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