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Philly Cheese steak and Paninni's (qview)

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Thanks has to go out to sqwib cooks.  Took these pretty much straight from the website.  Modified them a little though...I cant eat soft bacon so after the smoke i removed the bacon weave from the Turkey one and baked it in the oven until crispy, then re rolled it while the bacon was still plyable.  For the philly one I didnt use a weave at all, and substituted in top sirloin sandwich cutlets.  Inside is sauteed steak and peppers.  Theyre wrapped in Pillsbury pizza crusts to eliminate the need for a bun.  Again, credit to sqwib cooks website, awesome ideas.


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now that looks very good, great job

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Those look great congrats

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Magnificent!   Putting that on my to-do list!  It looks wonderful.

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thanks everyone, they are very very good.  I let them rest up in the fridge and reheated and they were just as good if not better, the smokey flavors spread throughout.

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Fantastic Job. The philly really sounds great.

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Now you have a calzone fattie. It looks awesome and I bet it was really good too.

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One Word... WOW...

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Those do look great!  drooling!

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