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Pulled pork Nachos, with a kick

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this is one if the best left over recipes...







Add cream cheese to each chip




jalapeno are optional, add pulled pork to each chip.



Add cheese to the chips 400 degrees for about 10min




Place on plate will SC




Don't forget the beverage...


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Those look great!!  Looks like plenty for me, where's yours?

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Now thoses are some of the best nachos I/we (an different wife) used to make theses. They are really labor intendive over throwing stuff over chips but they are really worth it. Thanks yours look awesome and some of the thoughts of that wife were good.

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ohh noo they are looking good!! im starving waitin on my chuckie to finish.

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I will have to try that for Sundays game

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I'll take 2. I got the hab sauce waiting. Nice choice of hydration fluid.

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