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Stufz burger time

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No how to info.  Just a few finished product pics.  First time Stufz'er, we had fun making them.  Did a pizza, and a few mushroom and cheese.  Son ate two, not sure how oh thats right he's 15!  Daughter ate almost one.  We were really pleased with the whole thing.  Learned some technique for the next time.  I can't really elaborate on the tricks, I used a little wax paper to ease the release.  And I think I needed more filling.  Cooked them on the weber kettle, calling for rain.  And the Ravens were on.

The gadget worked very well.  And the kids are planning our next stuffing party.





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Yep I found the same thing my first time. More stuffing and less meat per burger or they get REALLY HUGE. Thats cool that you and your kids are getting into it together. 

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Great burger! Yes they are better with more stuffing, I found that cheese on top and bottom of the fillings kinda holds it in place.

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that made me hungry, I have to get me one of those stuffers

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Yup, you gotta be careful with the amount of meat or you need a helper to eat them. LOL Great looking burger

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great lookin mine!

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