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WSM Update

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Had the 22.5 WSM for about a month and smoked Beef Ribs, BB Ribs, couple of pork shoulders.  I have to admit, at first I was a little disappointed with the temp control, always running hot.  But after the 3rd smoke it all clicked and couldn't be easier.  Yesterday I smoked a boston butt, dutchs baked beans, and a bunch of ABT(sorry no pics) and couldn't have been easier.  with top vent always 100% open and all 3 bottom closed its a steady 203.  with all 3 bottom vents 100% open its in the mid 300s.  After having a chargriller side fire box, this thing is like cheating.  And most important, the results have been great.  I'm a newbie to smoking, and this thing/and this website makes me look like i know what I'm doing.     WSM is a Great product

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I couldn't agree more about the WSM and this website.

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I have a WSM myself and love it.  These things make smoking about as easy as it's going to get without hooking up gas or electricity.

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Try the BBQ Guru pit controler, you can dial in any temp for the WSM and the food, then sit back untill your food is done. Works like magic

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LOL... I did the same thing you did, moved from a Char-griller to the WSM. At first I almost felt guilty at how easy the WSM was to use compared to the Char-griller. I was also so used to checking my smoker every hour that I had to learn to NOT check the smoker... lol. Now I have no qualms about tossing a brisket on at 2:00 AM, going to bed till about 8:00 AM - no worries, wake up and its right where I left it, dead on 210°.


Am looking forward to the rainy windy weather to really give it a test this winter.

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