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Need some ideas!

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Hey everyone,


I've just started smoking and so far I've made a brisket and a whle chicken. The brisket was great but I really didn't like the chicken very much and I think it may be because I used hickory wood chips, which I've heard can be kinda strong for chicken. Anyhow, I'm planning on making the brisket again very soon, but I also wanted to know other food that would be good to smoke. If anyone has some suggestions I'd really like to hear them, but please keep in mind that I don't eat pork at all.



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There are plenty of idea's and recipes here on SMF.  Just keep browsing through posts and let your inspirations run.  I would try a fatty, or some ABT's.  They are really good for experimenting with flavor profiles.  Hickory is a wood that really requires that it be burned at the right temp or it can be very heavy.  I use hickory and peach as my primary woods in my stick burners, but the wood is burning and not smoldering.  smoldering wood can be more difficult to control the flavor.  When I run smaller smokers like the MES or GOSM that use chips I tend to go with lighter woods like oak, maple, or apple.  I am also very careful when running chips to keep the smoke thin.  Most importantly just keep trying.  Once you get the methods of how much smoke and heat down, the rest is just up to your imagination.


Happy Smokes!

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Like Forthwind said go to the Forums button then scroll down thru the categories and you will find threads on just about anything you can imagine - Once you find something and have a specific question let us know and we can give you better direction - he gave you great advice on the wood too

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Well, lets see bovine wise, I've done brisket, chuck roast, shoulder clod, dino ribs, standing rib roast, new york strip, top round roast, rump roast, meat loaf and tongue.

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If you can eat it you can smoke it

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And, back to your yard bird.  I like to use cherry, maple, or apple as my smoke, BUT as you will discover as you navigate thru the site, there are as many suggestions for smoking woods as there are.......members.  Don't let the disappointment of one smoke rule your participation.  Get another bird, brine it, marinate it, smoke it and enjoy.  Search for Tip's brines or any of the other poultry brines.  There lots of good suggestions in Jeff's 5 day course.  You have taken that course, haven't you?  If not, there's a great starting point and the price is right, just a little of your time.  The lessons are free.

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Have you cooked up a beer can chicken yet? If not give it a try.


Itialian dressing is a good marinade but I lightly rinse it off the outside of the chicken parts since it burns easy.


Cavenders is one I like on various parts as well.


As stated above, fatties are Great and there is nothing at all wrong with making one from beef and the ones I make have no bacon.


Beef bologna is awesome.


When I run the reverse flow I use oak, I have to work hard to over smoke with it. Maybe go with the light woods until you get a feel for what you like.


Sea food may also be a place to start as well.

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  I don't eat pork at all.

 Classic 10-96

Good advice above. You can smoke anything. Give some bigger cuts a go like round roasts and chucks and rib roasts. Lamb is a good one in the smoke. Then there's fish which can be done many ways..

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Classic 10-96

now pete, let's not get silly and all....................but i can fetch one of these



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