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1st build done

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Awesome uds cromag. Did u use a water bowl in their? Im gonna build one and not sure if necessary.
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Got to love the picure with the tbs !!!!!

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I do have a third rack down above the basket for a water bowl but I haven't gotten a metal bowl yet so I am using a very large tin turkey pan and I have thrown on a 9 lb pork loin just to test this thing and I have to say I love it. It's been holding 225 since I started. I guess the thing I need to figure out is when smoking a brisket or butt to make sure I have enough fuel and wood so I don't have to remove the racks before I'm done cooking

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I am using a threaded rod in the middle of the basket bolted through the bottom and the top I have an i hook so I can use my rod and hook it in the middle to pull it out.

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Cromag, AWESOME!! Glad ya got it up and running. After a couple of smokes you'll be dialed in.   Don't forget the money shot.

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That loin looks nice and moist, great job!

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That looks really good, the meat & the build, love that paint job !

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

   Don't forget the money shot.

What's that?

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Hey, that has the same exact bend in it as the last loin I cooked on a drum. LOL But I told the kids that I was cooking a big snake.


Nice work on the drum.

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Originally Posted by cromag View Post

What's that?

That was post #7 ^ ^ ^ ^

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the money shot is a close up of what ever you cooked sliced open, gotta see the innards lol

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Nice build.. Love the paint job!

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Now your smoker looks fabulous and what comes out of it looks awesome too. Now you will enjoy that UDS for many years to come I'm sure or that.

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Thanks everyone.. First big smoke on the UDS is coming Oct 17th.. a brisket, a nice size butt and a couple of ribs at once...

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