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Quick tri tip

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I tossed in a tri tip while my roast beef was going.. I'm relly liking these things..

tri seasoned.JPG


Seasoned up with some rub I won in a raffle at a brisky throwdown..


tri sliced.JPG


tri served.JPG


Served up with some sauteed mushrooms and onions and a side of grated kohlrabi slaw..

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Tri tips are awesome, what temp is that 140* med rare I'm thinking.

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Just a shade shy of 145. I think my thermo said 144.6 when I turned off the gas. I foiled while I made the shrooms and onions.

Yeah, very med rare..

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Excellant photo of half-sliced tri-tip---showing the slicing against the grain.

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Wow P4B !

You keep this up with the beef, you may never go back to pork!


Just kiddin',



However, I do like beef better, but not enough to quit Pork!   Or any other red meat!

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I have a boston all rubbed up and vacpacked in the freezer.. Next victim will be a brined hen though.

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