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Just orderd Jeff's recipes

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Can hardly wait to make some of the BBQ and rub recipe on some beef.


Going to make a "meat" purchase at gartners on Friday for some ultimate weekend cooking.

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Sounds good.  I've been wanting to order them, too, but I've been "too broke to pay attention".

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Very cool and thanks. You will like the rub and the sauce both of them are really good too. Now it also helps Jeff to keep them place going and upgrading too.

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Yep this whole smoking/BBQing thing has me motivated.


I have a ducane BBQ which works for quick meals.


The 7in1 masterbuilt mini gets used in the garage when it rains, and for hot smoking currently.


I am thinking of investing in another larger hot smoker, and will definitely be building a small fridge based cold smoker.  After seeing that I liked that allot better than the terra cotta pot/metal trash can concept.

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