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what do you use to shred the pork in LARGE quantities besides forks? - Page 2

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Heres where I got mine for 11.85 shipped. I am not impressed with them yet, i only used them on a chuckie and they didnt do so hot, i hope they work better on a butt? They shredded alot bigger pieces than i like it.

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Just ordered a set of the meatrakes.  Use to have the Bear Paws but my adult children browbeated me into giving them my two pair.  I'll give you an opinion and comparison of the two.  The price isn't that significantly different.  At least these are metal, the one problem I had with Bear Paws.  Just a minor thing for most, but metal is easier to sharpen.  We'll see.

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I got 9 grandkids - who needs a shredder? I need more meat

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I have purdy pink shredders that I have never used. I like getting my hands all up in that meat!!

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I just cut the butt into 3-4 inch chunks and drop several pieces into the bowl of the Kitchen-Aid with the paddle beater in place-set the speed on medium (3-4) and let the paddle do it's thing for about a minute. Dump the shredded pork into a bowl and drop in some pieces and repeat.


Give the pulled pork a shot of SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce; step out of the way and then turn the hungry masses lose.

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I did 12 Butts for a party this summer, I thought man this is gonna take forever. But I just shredded 2 at a time,and left the rest in the cooler. But they just fell apart and required hardly any muscle to shred. Make sure your Butts are 200-210 before pulling, it should darn near shred itself.


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When I shredded mine,I have a 12 quart mixer ,I put 2 butts in at a time.Meat came out to shredded and to fast.

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I agree with mballi, hands and say god that is hot

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So, received the metalrakes today, and I gotta tell you, they are sure skookum.  They come as a pair.  Handle is 8 inches long.  The head is 4 inches wide with 8 teeth which are 1 1/2 inches long.  Teeth are stainless steel, and sharp.  For those of us who don't like to play with the food, these ought to make short work of the job.  I've had the plastic claws and I gotta tell you, I like these much better.  Cost:  19.95 which included shipping and handling and came very quickly.  Pictures as soon as I find something to shred.


I do have to confess that I'm a gadget collector and these fill the need quite nicely.

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